vetiver essential oil

This beautiful oil known for its calming and grounding properties, surprisingly offers much more. * promotes restful sleep * is an antioxidant ( preventing cell damage) * heals scars * treats ADHD * boosts the immune and nervous system scar healing blend 3 drops vetiver 3 drops lavender 2 drops frankincense small glass roller fractionated coconut oil Place the essential oils into a small… Read More

geranium essential oil

This classic flower delivers a beautiful sweet, floral aroma. * promotes clear, healthy skin * gives hair a vibrant glow * repels insects * quickens the healing of wounds * fades scares on skin * antibacterial geranium facial spray 5 drops geranium 4 drops lavender filtered water 1 small glass spray bottle Place drops of essential oil and filtered water into the spray bottle,… Read More

fennel essential oil

This unique oil has a sweet, licorice aroma and flavor. * promotes healthy digestion * supports the lungs and respiratory tract * detoxifies the blood * milk support for nursing mothers * laxative * diuretic * promotes healthy metabolism * supports liver function * helps circulation optional uses: * take internally to support digestion and lung health by placing 1 to 2 drops in… Read More

bergamot essential oil

With its delicate citrus smell, bergamot calms and uplifts. * calms anxious feelings * purifies and cleanses the skin * disinfects, from germs on your skin to mouth * reduces fever * aids in digestion * relieves respiratory problems * cleanses internal parasites bergamot facial spray 7 drops bergamot 3 drops frankincense 4 drops lavender filtered water 1 small glass spray bottle Place drops… Read More

rosemary essential oil

Known for its use in the culinary work, the beautiful herb also brings a warming and energizing scent with it. A few of its wonderful benefits are: * aids in healthy digestion * supports healthy respiratory function * calms nervous tension * helps maintain concentration * and offers multiple skin, hair, and mouth benefits rosemary focus blend 3 drops rosemary essential oil 2 drops… Read More

cardamom essential oil

The cardamom seed carries a beautiful and distinct scent and is a close relative to ginger. Some of its charming benefits are: * soothes stomach discomfort* helps maintain gastrointestinal health* promotes clear breathing and respiratory health* gives relief from muscle and respiratory spasms* is an antiseptic and disinfecting agent* stimulates the secretion of enzymes and hormones Use this soothing oil in your diffuser with… Read More

ginger essential oil

This warming, earthy spice is one of the most simple yet powerful remedies to have on hand this time of year. • helps reduce nausea (from morning sickness to motion sickness)• reduces muscle pain and inflammation• cold and flu prevention• migraine relief• heartburn relief• kills cancer cells To harness the power of ginger in the essential oil form you can either take it internally… Read More

Cedarwood Essential Oil

With a warm and woodsy scent, cedarwood creates a relaxing environment when diffused or applied topically. Some of its benefits are: • grounding• feelings of wellness and vitality• relax and soothe mind• insect repellent relaxing afternoon diffuser blend 5 drops cedarwood essential oil2 drops wild orange essential oil1 drop cassia essential oilfiltered water Place drops of essential oil and filtered water into a diffuser. … Read More

cassia essential oil

This beautiful, warming oil with a scent similar to cinnamon contains many healing properties. • promotes healthy digestion• enhances immune function• encourages emotional well-being• offers calming properties Cassia oil can be very intense, so a little goes a long way. It is also a very hot oil that should always be used diluted with water or fractionated coconut oil. Only use one to two… Read More

clove essential oil

Clove is known for its warm, woody aroma that creates a stimulating and energizing mood. Clove is known to:• cleanse teeth and gums• have powerful antioxidant properties that support cardiovascular health when taken internally• help relieve a sore throat when gargled or used as a spray• be an effective natural insect repellent• blend well with coconut oil for a warming massage Always use a… Read More