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     Welcome to pensée! Thank you for being a part of one of my wildest dreams—­launching my very own magazine. I have always had a love for magazines—from the beautiful pictures to the quick tidbits of information for life enrichment, to the products and recipes that make you want to keep the issue forever in case you want to reference it in days to come.


     As time went on and my love for magazines continued, I found that my passions and interests changed as I grew as a person, causing me to seek out magazines on new topics. The birth of my daughter, Olivia, brought a dramatic change to my life and my perception of it. My concern for her caused me to examine my own health as well. My eyes were opened to a new and exciting world around me—and a different one from what I had known—one of natural living, clean eating, body and mind balancing, and a much better understanding of myself and my environment. Being a planner and an organizer, I constantly gathered information, recipes, methods, and ideas to help me become more in-tune with the new, healthier direction my life was going. I quickly realized that all of the useful resources I had gathered and lessons I had learned were not that easy to come by, and I wanted to be able to share the information I had found with others who were interested in improving their health and lifestyles too.


     So with much thought, the help of several very close lifelong friends, and the labor of love that goes into the fulfillment of a dream, pensée was born.


     My desire is to give you fun and useful resources. Please take what works for you, leave what doesn’t, and become who you are, naturally. Feel good, smile, and love life wherever you are and in whatever season you find yourself today.


Warmly, Jessica


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