Rosemary is an herb with a thousand uses. It is extremely hardy and can grow easily inside or out, in the ground or in a pot. Its strong woodsy-citrus like fragrance and flavor is perfect for fall and winter foods and decorating. When using rosemary, opt for fresh as it will give your dishes a more subtle flavor than the pungent dried form. Try… Read More

fresh chives

These small grass like herbs have a subtle, onion-garlic flavor. They lend flavor and color to any dish they are used for; from green salads, baked potatoes, creamy soups, butters, dips, vinegars, sauces, and any vegetable dish. The chive comes with some very impressive health benefits: * a generous serving of two tablespoons a day of fresh chives give you 16% of your daily… Read More

fresh oregano

This fragrant herb has been a staple in pasta sauces for as long as we can remember but its amazing health properties go way beyond those delicious pasta nights. * extremely high in antioxidants for immune support * anti-fungal * anti-bacterial * anti-inflammation * potent anti-viral (very helpful for upper respiratory infections) * cancer fighting * kills intestinal parasites * helps with urinary infections… Read More

fresh basil

This beautiful herb has claimed its spot as king for many reasons, here are just a few that will have you up your basil use right away. * anti-inflammatory * antioxidant * cancer fighter * pain reducer * fever reducer * diabetes preventer * lover protector * blood vessel protector * anti-stress * immune booster * great source of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins… Read More

ylang ylang essential oil

With its sweet, rich, and spicy aroma, this oil is wonderful to diffuse into the air or spritz over your body. Some other great features are: * internal antioxidant support * promotes healthy skin and hair * helps balance hormones * lessens tension and stress and promotes a positive outlook * helps heal emotional traumas ylang ylang balancing mist 5 drops ylang ylang 2… Read More

white fir essential oil

With its crisp, woody scent that fills the air during the winter months, this oil is a great addition for your body and house. * calming the mind * stability and empowerment * helping the body relax * alleviates sore muscles and joints * supports respiratory function white fir diffuser blend 3 drops white fir 2 drops lavender 1 drop frankincense filtered water Place… Read More

thyme essential oil

This potent and warming essential oil offers  some wonderfully helpful options. * cleanses and purifies the skin * supports a healthy immune system * naturally repels insects thyme face and body mist 1 to 2 drops thyme 2 drops bergamot 1 to 2 drops lemongrass filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass spray bottle, mist… Read More

tangerine essential oil

This beautiful citrus oil has long been a favorite in herbal health practices. Some of its benefits are: * a powerful antioxidant * cleanses and purifies * immune system support Tangerine diffuser blend 3 drops tangerine 2 drops lavender filtered water Place essential oils and filtered water into a diffuser, breathe deep and enjoy. Always use a high quality essential oil you know and… Read More

spearmint essential oil

A great and mild alternative compared to the other mint oils. Spearmint offers: * digestion help and reduced stomach upset * helps one focus * is a great cleanser for the mouth spearmint mouth wash 1 to 2 drops spearmint 1 tablespoon organic unrefined coconut oil or 1/4 cup filtered water Combine the spearmint and oil or water, place in your mouth and swish… Read More

petitgrain essential oil

This light citrus oil carries a wonderful list of helpful benefits. * supports healthy cardiovascular function * a great antioxidant support * supports healthy immune function * promotes restful sleep Soothing linen spray 4 drops petitgrain 3 drops lavender 2 drops bergamot filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass spray bottle, mist over face, pillows,… Read More