white fir essential oil

With its crisp, woody scent that fills the air during the winter months, this oil is a great addition for your body and house. * calming the mind * stability and empowerment * helping the body relax * alleviates sore muscles and joints * supports respiratory function white fir diffuser blend 3 drops white fir 2 drops lavender 1 drop frankincense filtered water Place… Read More

thyme essential oil

This potent and warming essential oil offers  some wonderfully helpful options. * cleanses and purifies the skin * supports a healthy immune system * naturally repels insects thyme face and body mist 1 to 2 drops thyme 2 drops bergamot 1 to 2 drops lemongrass filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass spray bottle, mist… Read More

tangerine essential oil

This beautiful citrus oil has long been a favorite in herbal health practices. Some of its benefits are: * a powerful antioxidant * cleanses and purifies * immune system support Tangerine diffuser blend 3 drops tangerine 2 drops lavender filtered water Place essential oils and filtered water into a diffuser, breathe deep and enjoy. Always use a high quality essential oil you know and… Read More

spearmint essential oil

A great and mild alternative compared to the other mint oils. Spearmint offers: * digestion help and reduced stomach upset * helps one focus * is a great cleanser for the mouth spearmint mouth wash 1 to 2 drops spearmint 1 tablespoon organic unrefined coconut oil or 1/4 cup filtered water Combine the spearmint and oil or water, place in your mouth and swish… Read More

petitgrain essential oil

This light citrus oil carries a wonderful list of helpful benefits. * supports healthy cardiovascular function * a great antioxidant support * supports healthy immune function * promotes restful sleep Soothing linen spray 4 drops petitgrain 3 drops lavender 2 drops bergamot filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass spray bottle, mist over face, pillows,… Read More

Roman chamomile essential oil

The chamomile flower is a favorite to use due to its many health and healing benefits. * has a calming effect on the skin, mind, and body * supports healthy immune function * helps for a restful sleep roman chamomile spray 2 drops roman chamomile 3 drops lavender filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass… Read More

spikenard essential oil

A woody, spicy, musty scent of spikenard oil derived from steaming the roots of the plant. * purifying to the skin * soften and smooths the skin * promotes calmness and relaxation * grounding calming spikenard spray 3 drops spikenard 2 drops lavender 3 drops bergamot filtered water 1 oz glass spray bottle Add essential oils and filtered water to a glass spray bottle,… Read More

peppermint essential oil

The favorite and well known scent of peppermint goes far beyond the kitchen. * promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing * promotes healthy digestion * naturally repels bugs * promotes oral health * cooling to the skin * supports muscle and joint health simple peppermint cooling mist 4 drops peppermint (more or less depending on how large your spray bottle is) 2 drops… Read More

patchouli essential oil

This grounding leaf is known for its musky-sweet fragrance and offers some wonderful skin benefits. * promotes a smooth, glowing complexion * reduces the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections patchouli oil face wash/moisturizer 3 drops patchouli 4 drops bergamot 1 drop geranium 4 drops lavender equal amounts jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, fractionated coconut oil, and carrot seed oil Place… Read More

oregano essential oil

This popular herb goes far beyond its regular use in the kitchen with its sharp herby scent. * powerful cleansing agent * powerful antioxidant * supports a healthy immune system * supports healthy digestive and respiratory function * acts as a natural antibiotic oregano water 4 oz filtered water 1 drop oregano oil Place the drop of oregano oil in the glass of water… Read More