organizing tips

Kitchen and pantry organization is a constant feat that can easily get away from you no matter how hard you try. It seems that items move, jump, and fall in my pantry and kitchen when I am occupied by other duties, only to have to search for them or clean up the mess later when I am anxiously searching for some much-needed ingredient. I… Read More

eating healthy on a budget

A healthy diet is an admirable goal, but sometimes the costs can be prohibitive. By following several easy steps, even people on a very tight budgets can make healthy food choices.   1. purchase in-season produce       Produce is one of the best options to create healthy and delicious meals, but can often be expensive. Purchase produce when it is in season, which… Read More

fall preparation

prepare your home    Fall accents can brighten and create welcoming spaces in your home, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Simply changing throw pillows, adding a soft rug, or painting an accent wall can warm up a whole room. Decorate with beautiful fall leaves or branches with berries you may find around your yard or on walks. Also, it is… Read More