cilantro essential oil

A favorite for adding flavor to salads, dips, and beyond, cilantro (also known as coriander) has even more to offer:

* aids in digestion
* is a powerful cleanser and detoxifier
* very cooling and soothing to the skin and minor irritations
* rich in antioxidants

skin soothing cilantro roller

2 drops cilantro
1 drop peppermint
3 drops bergamot
fractionated coconut oil

Combine essential oils and fractionated coconut oil in a small glass roller. Shake gently and apply on problem areas of the body, on the inside of your wrists or back or neck as needed.

Always use a high quality essential oil you know and trust. It is always safe to do a small skin test with any essential oils that are new to you, also be extra careful with them around children and use the smallest amounts and only child safe oils (lavender, chamomile, are a few), use as little as possible, they are very, very concentrated, do your research if you are pregnant or nursing to keep everyone safe.

If you would like to know the type of essential oils we use please email us at and we will gladly help you with any questions you may have.

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