fresh chives

These small grass like herbs have a subtle, onion-garlic flavor. They lend flavor and color to any dish they are used for; from green salads, baked potatoes, creamy soups, butters, dips, vinegars, sauces, and any vegetable dish.

The chive comes with some very impressive health benefits:

* a generous serving of two tablespoons a day of fresh chives give you 16% of your daily needed Vitamin K (especially helpful to maintain strong teeth and bones)
* they are also an excellent source of vitamin A
* high in fiber
* calcium
* iron
* magnesium
* potassium
* copper,
* manganese
* All fantastic reasons to grab a bunch of chives the next time you are at the market or simply grow some in your herb garden or planter outside (they are a very easy and hardy herb to grow) so you can simply snip a bit off as needed.

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