geranium essential oil

This classic flower delivers a beautiful sweet, floral aroma.

* promotes clear, healthy skin
* gives hair a vibrant glow
* repels insects
* quickens the healing of wounds
* fades scares on skin
* antibacterial

geranium facial spray

5 drops geranium
4 drops lavender
filtered water
1 small glass spray bottle

Place drops of essential oil and filtered water into the spray bottle, gently shake and mist over your face. Breathe deeply and enjoy.

Always use a high quality essential oil you know and trust. It is always safe to do a small skin test with any essential oils that are new to you, also be extra careful with them around children and use the smallest amounts and only child safe oils (lavender, chamomile, are a few), use as little as possible, they are very, very concentrated, do your research if you are pregnant or nursing to keep everyone safe.

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