#18 free summer issue – printer mishap

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I am excited to offer a limited quantity of our new summer issue for free! The first group of summer magazines printed beautifully but when they were put together the spine did not hold like it should, so if you flip through the magazine, opening it up widely the pages may come loose. I try very hard not to waste anything and so thought this was a great opportunity to offer the issues for free so you can get a taste of our recipes, articles and natural remedies that you can make yourself. There is a $3 shipping fee to cover our shipping supplies and costs. I will be tucking in a few favorite recipe cards to hang on your fridge as well!

The beautiful days of summer are here, the air is warm, all is green and fresh and the days are busy. We have packed our summer issue with fresh salads, falafels, simple snacks, sweet treats and cooling drinks. We chat about how to organize your fridge to help your food last as long as possible, the unseen trash problem, and freedom. We have also created the ultimate cream that stops the itch from mosquito bites and heals any summer owe one should get. Enjoy your summer and remember to slow down and be grateful.


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