Rosemary is an herb with a thousand uses. It is extremely hardy and can grow easily inside or out, in the ground or in a pot. Its strong woodsy-citrus like fragrance and flavor is perfect for fall and winter foods and decorating. When using rosemary, opt for fresh as it will give your dishes a more subtle flavor than the pungent dried form. Try to include 1 tablespoon of it into your daily meals.

* improves memory
* antibacterial and antioxidant properties
* high in vitamin A (offering great free radical-zapping properties, vision protection, healthy skin and mucus membranes)
* high in vitamin C (synthesizes collagen, the protein required for optimal blood vessels, organs, skin, and bones)
* a great manganese source
* also contains iron and potassium

Simply add a sprig to your next soup, make a creamy rosemary dressing or add it to your roasted veggies for a wonderfully warm, full flavor and great benefits.

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