This beautiful and revered herb has been used for centuries for its medical and culinary uses. A member of the mint family, it has a distant fragrance that is often met with fall cooking. While using fresh sage will give you the most fragrance and flavor, if it isn’t available the best alternative is ground or rubbed (rubbed sage literally comes off of the leaf almost like a powder and is extremely light and fluffy.

Sage pairs well with wild rice, pumpkin, caramelized onions or mushrooms, or even as a tea. Some wonderful health benefits are:

* antiseptic qualities
* preservative
* helps mental clarity
* helps with the prevention of cardiovascular disease
* powerful antioxidant
* fights inflammation

To use fresh sage, simple clean and roll the leaves together and add to your dish towards the end or you can lightly fry the leaves in avocado oil or coconut oil for a savory topping to dishes, sandwiches, or pastas.

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