vinegar and lavender conditioner

1/3 cup white vinegar (more or less depending on hair length)
1 cup water (more or less depending on amount of vinegar used)
4 drops lavender essential oil (use a different essential oil if desired; chamomile, frankincense, and rosemary are great alternatives)
glass jar


   Place the vinegar and essential oil in the glass jar before you shower or bathe. Fill jar with warm bath or shower water just before you are ready to use it so the temperature is consistent (filling it earlier will give the water time to cool and you will be washing your hair with cold water). Swirl the water, vinegar, and essential oil together until well blended, and pour mixture slowly over your hair. Let sit on your hair for the remainder or your bath or shower and rinse well, ending with a cold rinse of water before leaving the bath or shower.

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